WEXO 2022 Year in Review and What Awaits In 2023

WEXO 2022 Year in Review and What Awaits In 2023

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The beginning of the new year is an excellent opportunity to recapitulate the past twelve months. Over the past year, not only the cryptocurrency market, but also the entire world, experienced turbulent times. On this bumpy road, we at Wexo worked hard on our vision and strategy. While bitcoin, crypto-assets, commodities, and stocks were dominated by a bearish trend, we brought you some key news.

Wexo's proudest milestones in 2022

Among the most significant are the introduction of new tokenomics and the publication of White Paper 2.0, which describes in detail the entire Wexo ecosystem and our plans for the future.

New WEXO app full of features

In June, at the international cryptocurrency conference, we presented the cryptocurrency app Wexo 2.0, which has a completely new user-friendly interface, refined design, and above all, features that open the door to the world of cryptocurrencies – even to less proficient users around the world.

The Wexo app enables quick and easy purchase of cryptocurrencies with a payment card. And you can safely store cryptocurrencies in the app or trade them thanks to the integrated exchange.

Wexo aplikácia na kryptomeny a bitcoin peňaženka

Sending cryptocurrency to a phone number

When sending cryptocurrencies, just select a contact from the phone book

Account statement and export of transactions to PDF/EXCEL

A detailed statement suitable for various legal or accounting purposes also contains a filter.

Adding new languages

The Wexo app is available in Slovak, English, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Spanish and Portuguese.

App security

Cryptocurrency storage secured thanks to face recognition (Face ID) or fingerprint.

We regularly add new cryptocurrencies to the app. You can influence the choice of cryptocurrencies by voting in our Telegram group, where we also regularly publish news and updates.


Staking 24% APY and Wexo Profit Share

Wexo Staking %













With the introduction of the new tokenomics, staking began according to modern standards with an annual appreciation of 24% in the WEXO Token, while we offer the largest investors a share of profit in our Wexo Profit Share program.

More information on how to profit with WEXO Token can be found here: 

Wexo TokenStaking Wexo TokenWexo Profit Share

Loyalty Program

In November, the anticipated news was the Loyalty Program. This enables you to earn cryptocurrencies with your rising level, get cheaper transactions, and profit from the entire Wexo platform.

In addition, inviting friends to Wexo is already personalised and your affiliate link clearly says that the invitation was sent by you. You can increase your Loyalty program level in two ways. You can choose a career as an inviter or a tokener. With the arrival of new features, we will favour higher levels of the Loyalty program or provide higher benefits from using the app.

Growing community around the world

Over the past year, the number of Wexo ecosystem users has doubled. The number of users has grown from 78,000 to over 190,000 in the past 12 months. Wexo user numbers increased by 180% in 2022, with up to 361% more sessions per user.

In addition to Central Europe, the Wexo app is also popular in India, Turkey, Spain, Brazil and North America.

PRESALE almost 50% sold

According to tokenomics released this spring, the WEXO Token presale pool is 49% sold out, with 74,716,545 WEXO Tokens in circulation.

Plans for 2023

Upcoming new features in the app


We'll be adding a standing orders feature to the Wexo app at the start of the year. So you'll be able to choose several recipients, a range of parameters, or whether an order should be repeated in the selected amount in euros with conversion according to the current exchange rate, or fixed in the specified amount of the given cryptocurrency.


For users who regularly buy cryptocurrencies or those who want to invest in the cryptocurrency market without worries, the auto-invest feature is available. This enables you to easily create your own portfolio of cryptocurrencies, and choose how much you want to invest regularly, or choose a recommended portfolio designed by our expert team.

-    FIAT ZONE: IBAN account and payment card

We're working hard on the implementation of the fiat zone and Wexo payment card. We're currently selecting from several options most suitable for users, while we aim to prepare an IBAN account with payment card under the best conditions for users.

NFT Marketplace & Studio 

Users will be able to easily create and offer NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for sale on our marketplace, which is currently under intensive development. At the same time as the launch of the new Wexo NFT Marketplace & Studio, we're preparing new collaborations, such as with Majk Spirit and Attila Végh.

Exchange listing of WEXO Token

The eagerly awaited date of WEXO Token exchange listing is approaching. But we accordingly appreciate our great responsibility towards you, our community. We're getting closer to meeting all economic, legislative and strategic conditions and milestones every day, while listing on the DeFi cryptocurrency exchange is tentatively planned for 2023. Our team rigorously evaluates extensive data every day, researching the cryptocurrency market and all macroeconomic indicators to time the listing for the best possible moment to reward you for your patience and trust. We'll announce the exact date to the community in due course.

To be regularly informed about the latest news and plans, follow our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and join our Telegram group to receive important news about the Wexo ecosystem and WEXO Token.