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With the WEXO Token, you can be more than just its owner. With the WEXO Token, you become part of our community and ecosystem.

The WEXO Token is the driving force of the Wexo platform, which, in a simple application, connects the world of traditional money and the modern world of cryptocurrencies supported by blockchain.

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928 000 000

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Gain benefits in our ecosystem and profit

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Lower service fees

WEXO Token holders will pay lower service fees thanks to the Loyalty Program. Pay significantly lower fees for provided services and other benefits.

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Better access to services

WEXO Token holders will have a better experience and access to selected exclusive ecosystem features.

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Loyalty Program

Improved and more attractive Loyalty Program. Earn better and more attractive benefits and rewards according to the achieved level.


Vesting is a key part of the tokenomics of any crypto project. It is the process of holding, locking and releasing tokens of a given project.

  • Team & Supporters

  • Reserves

  • Pre-sale

  • Rewards from staking

  • Liquidity

  • Bounty Program + Airdrop

  • Liquidity pool rewards

  • Marketing

  • Operations

  • Reserves

25.5% WEXO Team Team & Supporters 17.5% 162 400 000 Tokens
Reserves 8% 74 240 000 Tokens
44.5% WEXO Community Pre-sale 16.5% 153 120 000 Tokens
Rewards from staking 20% 185 600 000 Tokens
Liquidity 8% 74 240 000 Tokens
30% Ecosystem development Bounty Program + Airdrop 0.5% 4 640 000 Tokens
Liquidity pool rewards 14.5% 134 560 000 Tokens
Marketing 1% 9 280 000 Tokens
Operations 4% 37 120 000 Tokens
Reserves 10% 92 800 000 Tokens
Together 100% 928 000 000 Tokens

Key vesting functions

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It helps prevent a large number of tokens from flooding the market and thereby lowering the token price and the overall value of the project.

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It gives the development team time, space, and peace of mind to test, refine, and launch products on their platform.

vesting stability icon

It helps ensure the long-term stability and viability of the crypto startup ecosystem.

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It helps protect the crypto community from the dishonest practices of big investors.

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It helps regulate the number of tokens in circulation, which can trigger an increase in the price of a given cryptocurrency.

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