Wexo Token

With Wexo token you can be more than just a Wexo owner. With Wexo token you can become part of our community and ecosystem.

Every Wexo Token owner will be entitled to a discount on Wexo Fees including exchange, platform, blockchain and product services fees. The Wexo token will power all our products and provide extensive token utility across various use cases.

WEXO Token ownership will give you many advantages, such as interesting profit in the future by holding or staking your tokens. WEXO Token is currently in presale, and its listing on the crypto exchange is planned for 2022.

Presale stages

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
0.11875 €
0.1265 €
0.25 €
Sold Out
from 1.6.2022
Listing price

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How to buy the WEXO Token with 0 % fees?

Step #1

Open WEXO Token in the WEXO App and select the "Buy" button.

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Token details:

Name: Wexo
Symbol: Wexo
Network: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
Max Supply: 928.00.000