WEXO staking

WEXO Token is a part of the huge Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, and according to modern standards will be also available for staking.

Staking rewards will be distributed daily. In our WEXO cryptocurrency app, you'll be able to easily control the entire process. There will be two WEXO Token staking pools: Pre-sale and Official.

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WEXO Token Staking with 24% APY

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Staking with 24% APY

According to modern standards, WEXO will also offer staking. Earn up to 24% APY for locking WEXO Token in a staking pool.

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Have you already earned staking rewards? Make the most of them by putting them back into the staking pool for even more profit.

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Earn daily rewards

Earn rewards every day. Cash them out anytime and decide what to do: Reinvest for more profit? Try WEXO Profit Share pool? It's up to you!

What is staking?

Staking is a way to earn passive income from your crypto. Although staking has only been possible after the creation of the new consensus mechanism Proof-of-Stake, ‘staking’ means locking any number of tokens or coins to increase their value or earn rewards.

Wexo Token coins

WEXO staking pools

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Pre-sale pool

  • Available only for 1 year after WEXO token listing.
  • 24% APR.
  • It will only be available to users with more than 25,000 WEXO tokens from the pre-sale phase.
  • Only tokens from the pre-sale phase will be eligible for staking in the pool.
  • Withdrawal will be only possible after the pool expires.
  • Users can withdraw their rewards in the form of WEXO Token to their WEXO wallet at any time, or restake them in the official pool.
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Official pool

  • Available after WEXO token exchange listing.
  • 24% APR.
  • Unstake your WEXO tokens any time; the unlock period is 21 days. You can transfer the tokens to your WEXO wallet after 21 days.
  • Available to all users.
  • User can withdraw the rewards in the form of WEXO Token any time, or restake them in the same pool.
  • Only WEXO Tokens bought after listing or any other unlocked WEXO Tokens can be staked in this pool.

Calculate your profit from staking

Calculate your profit from staking in WEXO Tokens

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