Wexo staking

The WEXO token is part of a huge ecosystem on the Cardano blockchaine and, according to today's modern standards, will also use staking opportunities.

The staking fee will be paid every day. In the new WEXO cryptocurrency application, which we will introduce soon, you will be able to easily control the whole process. At the same time, staking will be accessible through our online interface. There will be two staking pools for the WEXO token: Presale Pool and Official Pool.

WEXO Token Staking with an annual
appreciation of up to 24%

What is staking

Cryptocurrency staking is a possibility of achieving a passive income from cryptocurrencies. And although the term staking saw the light of day after creating a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake, staking used today is any locking of tokens or coins to enhance them or gain other benefits.

WEXO staking pools

Calculate your staking profit

Calculate your profit after investing in the WEXO Token and locking it in the staking pool.

25 000
124 000.00 WEXO

How to buy the WEXO Token with 0 % fees?

Step #1

Open WEXO Token in the WEXO App and select the "Buy" button.

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