Cryptocurrency purchase is easy at WEXO. All you need is a credit card

Cryptocurrency purchase is easy at WEXO. All you need is a credit card

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The Wexo cryptocurrency application enables a quick and easy purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Payment by card is secure, and anyone can handle it.

To buy Bitcoin and the best cryptocurrencies is easy and safe with WEXO. "We are pleased to be able to offer you a simple purchase of selected top cryptocurrencies directly in our WEXO application. From today, a payment card will suffice for you," said Milan Božik, CVO of WEXO.

Use a credit card to buy cryptocurrencies

You can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly in the WEXO application. "To bring cryptocurrencies closer to the public; we aimed to make cryptocurrency purchase simply by a credit card," said Peter Mariš, WEXO's CSO. "Thanks to the cryptocurrency application and WEXO platform, you can use cryptocurrencies as standard money. But in a more modern and secure way."

We accept all VISA payment cards. MasterCard so far only issued by banks in the Czech Republic, but soon others.

The WEXO cryptocurrency application is easy to use - try it! You can download it for your iPhone or Android. In addition to standard tools such as cryptocurrency payments (sending and receiving), it also offers you a practical exchange. As a result, you can try trading cryptocurrencies and swapping them. Of course, there is a precise display of the current price and rates of cryptocurrencies, where you can monitor the current state of the cryptocurrency market.

You can buy cryptocurrencies easily, quickly, and securely using a credit card. Suppose you plan to keep cryptocurrencies for a long time in the interest of your more significant profit. In that case, trezoring is perfect for you, which is also part of the WEXO cryptocurrency application. With trezoring, you will lock your cryptocurrencies for a particular time and get an unusual interest. In addition to the appreciation, thanks to the rising exchange rate, you will also receive additional funds.

The WEXO platform is still growing so will the value of the WEXO Token

New features and possibilities for cryptocurrency enthusiasts are constantly added to our WEXO platform. We cannot forget to mention our NFT Marketplace. With more than 180,000 users, the community can declare its satisfaction with the WEXO application and the WEXO platform.

Suppose you are interested in participating in the WEXO platform and becoming part of our community. If so, now you have a unique opportunity to buy our WEXO Token in the pre-sale phase at a lower price. Its value is constantly growing with boosting functions in the application and extensions in the WEXO platform. The approaching WEXO Token crypto exchange entry is planned for 0.25 €. You can currently get it for 0,11875 €.