Wexo token

With Wexo token you can be more than just a Wexo owner. With Wexo token you can become part of our community and ecosystem.

Every Wexo Token owner will be entitled to a discount on Wexo Fees including exchange, platform, blockchain and product services fees. The Wexo token will power all our products and provide extensive token utility across various use cases.

Owning Wexo Token is not only giving you lot of advantages, but will make you interesting profit in the future with holding or staking your tokens. Wexo Token is currently in pre-sale and listing on cryptocurrency exchange is planned in 2022.

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€ 0.13427


928 000 000


+ 73 000 000

Presale stages

Stage 1 0.11875 € until 31.5.2022
Stage 2 0.125 € from 1.6.2022
Stage 3 0.25 € Listing price

Get your Wexo token in presale

For a better price, get benefits and profit

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Staking with 24% APY

According to today's modern standards, it will also take advantage of staking opportunities. You can have up to 24% per year from locking the Wexo Token in the staking pool.

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Dividend pool with share of 30 %

The Wexo platform will allocate 30% of earnings from all fees to DIVIDEND POOLS; the profit will be divided equally among the current number of participants in the given pool.

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Loyalty program

An improved and more interesting Wexo Loyalty program. Based on your activity, you will receive better and more attractive benefits and rewards according to your current level.

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Lower fees for services

Thanks to the Wexo Loyalty program, the Wexo Token holders will pay lower fees for selected services. You can secure significantly lower expenses for our services or other benefits.

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Better access to some features

Wexo token holders will have expanded opportunities and better access to selected and exclusive functions in our ecosystem.


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  • Reserve

  • Team & Advisors

  • Presale

  • Public

  • Liquidity

  • Staking

  • Community & Ecosystem

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BSC (Binance Smart Chain)


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