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How to verify e-mail?

Your e-mail is necessary to confirm and receive important notifications (contact e-mail). It should be confirmed as soon as possible.
Log in to your inbox, open a message from Wexo and click the "Verify e-mail" button.
You will be automatically redirected to wexopay.com. Log in to your Wexo zone again to complete the e-mail verification.

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I did not receive a verification e-mail from Wexo. What should I do?

If you did not receive a verification e-mail to log in to the Wexo zone, please check the Advertising and Spam sections in your e-mail inbox first.
Then check whether our domain "wexopay.com" is in the whitelist.
You can also view the list of blocked addresses in the - Settings - section of your e-mail.

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Login verification via e-mail

To verify your login (security feature), open your e-mail box, where you will find a message including a one-time 6-digit verification code to enter your Wexo zone.
After entering the code in the login window, your login is successfully verified.

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Recommendation: Short-term and long-term purchasing strategy

You can apply and use both strategies in Wexo products.
When valuing assets, it is generally necessary to hold them long-term. The same is for crypto assets; however, you can use them if necessary.
We are currently preparing new options and other products of the WEXO platform, which will continue to grow.
Based on the company's strategy and according to current market opportunities, we will expand the offer to provide our clients with the most advanced services and the most effective valuations.

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The users crypto accounts´ security

The Wexo platform stores crypto property of users on offline devices, built and intended for standard storage of crypto assets.
The property is stored sophisticatedly in a workplace regime with a strict access system and beyond the usual crypto standards.

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What is 2FA?

The term 2FA / two-factor authentication / is a function of the login system that provides the user with two- and multi-factor authentication at login.

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What is the lowest and maximum possible deposit in fiat currency?

When purchasing crypto assets, the deposit is limited to a min. worth 10 € and max. 15,000€ or the equivalent of another available fiat currency.

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What kind of crypto assets accounts does Wexo offer?

According to the current offer, users can hold crypto assets in the Wexo account to dispose of indefinitely.

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What should I do if I forget my password?

Select the "Forgot your password?" button if you have forgotten your password in the login window.
After entering your contact e-mail, we will send you a request to confirm resetting the original password and entering a new password.
(We do not recommend storing passwords on your device, based on your browser's offer to store passwords. Please prefer the physical form of storing important passwords.)

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What should I do if I have placed an order to deposit ETH (Ethereum) into my Wexo account and the amount transferred has not been visible for more than 2 hours?

1. In general, you should thoroughly check the ETH address generated via WEXO to ensure the funds are being sent to the correct address. Be careful not to create an address for another type of resource.
There are certain types of addresses for ETH and different types for BTC. However, it happens relatively rarely; it may lead to a loss of funds.
2. If all data has been entered correctly and the deposited funds are still not visible in WEXO on the ETH account, you will find the "All transactions" text button in the "Recent transactions" section.
Once selected, you will get an overview of all transactions - the transaction you expected should have the assigned status: 'Pending transfer'.
At the end of the line of this transaction is a button symbolizing three dots. Click on it, a window with a description of the transfer information will open.
The status in the window describes the status of the equipment. If the status is: 'Equipped', but the funds are not credited, please copy the transaction ID displayed at the end of this window and paste it here:
https://etherscan.io/ into the transaction search window.
3. If the status is: 'Success', please don't hesitate to contact our support at support@wexopay.com to correct this error.
If the status is: 'Pending', please wait and check the status. The error may occur due to the overloaded blockchain.
This situation most often arises at extreme loads when transfers with a higher network fee (GAS) are preferred to speed up the transaction. The price of the fees determines the order - but all transfers will eventually take place.
If you need to expedite the transfer, please don't hesitate to contact our support at support@wexopay.com.
This procedure also applies to transfers of any other tokens that use the Ethereum blockchain (e.g., Tokens on the ERC-20 platform).
Other crypto assets have, in principle, the same transaction tracking procedure (Transparency). The difference lies in the website's address where the relevant blockchain is published.
In case of further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support at support@wexopay.com, where we will be happy to provide you with individual assistance in resolving any question or situation.