Wexo to announce listing date at CryptonCon 2023

Wexo to announce listing date at CryptonCon 2023

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Wexo Meetup Košice on 27 April (invitation)

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The imminent date for the WEXO Token to go public is scheduled for the end of this year. The exact date will be announced by the popular platform of the Slovak-Czech team at the international conference CryptonCon 2023, which will be held on September 30 - October 1 at the Sitno Hotel. WEXO Token, which is currently in the pre-sale phase available at a bargain price directly in the app, will be listed on the exchange at a price of €0.25 per token later this year.

"Listing on the exchange is a stepping stone for Wexo to introduce ourselves to the entire world, investors and over 420 million cryptocurrency users. We will show them that quality projects are born in Slovakia, following the example of today's technology giants, which become billion-dollar companies," said CEO and co-founder of Wexo Milan Božik.

Wexo will offer business owners a crypto-terminal

The CryptonCon 2023 conference will bring together business owners and fans of cryptocurrencies and innovative technologies from Slovakia and abroad. In addition to the announcement of the WEXO Token, Wexo will present new features at the conference not only for ordinary users, but also for business owners.

Services for corporate clients and small business owners are an important market segment for Wexo. At CryptonCon 2023, the new Wexo Business app will be presented with comprehensive features for businesses and the wPOS cryptocurrency terminal for accepting cryptocurrency payments in establishments and shops.

"Building payment systems for the finance of the future is our long-term vision. We will put in the hands of the business sector an easy way to use cryptocurrencies in their business, not only for payment acceptance, but also for marketing, for example, thanks to which we will significantly contribute to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world," said Wexo Chief Product Officer Martin Kuchár.

Bitcoin sales, euro deposits and withdrawals in the Wexo app

Regular users can anticipate a significant innovation in the Wexo app in the form of the EURO wallet. The new feature allows both Euro deposits and withdrawals and the use of the two-way CRYPTO/EURO exchange.

 "The integration of the Euro into our platform is the fulfillment of our goal of connecting the crypto-world with the world of standard finance. At the same time, we will soon be launching the Wexo payment card, which will be the cherry on top of the standard finance zone in our platform," said Chief Visionary Officer and co-founder of Wexo Peter Maris.

Wexo attracts investors' attention

After successful collaborations with, for example, rapper Maik Spirit, top athlete Attila Végh, the Appa Foundation and the first charity NFT, the Wexo platform will announce new partnerships and collaborations with multinationals and foreign companies at CryptonCon 2023.

"Wexo is a unicorn for us, being one of the top crypto projects in the market because it enables people and in turn business owners, to use cryptocurrencies on a day-to-day basis in their daily lives. This is the main reason why Wexo is attracting the attention of investors, who are aware of the potential of increasing the value of our platform," explained Wexo's Chief Sales Officer Juraj Farkas.

Use cryptocurrencies like regular money

The Wexo platform, which connects cryptocurrencies with the world of conventional finance, is well-known abroad. It is already familiar to 200,000 users from all over the world who appreciate its simplicity and key features. In addition to the surrounding countries, Wexo is also popular in Brazil and India, for example.

"In the past year, Wexo has significantly modernised the app. In a user-friendly and user-friendly design, it has combined advanced features. The integration of the Lightning Network for instant Bitcoin payments and the launch of our own Lightning Network node are just some of the recent improvements," specified Wexo Chief Operating Officer Tomas Jacko.

In addition to securely purchasing cryptocurrencies with a credit card, via Apple Pay/Google Pay or by transferring from a bank account, Wexo also offers a convenient currency exchange and quick and easy sending of transactions, for example, to a phone number. Extra features that you won't find in other crypto apps include standing orders, sending bulk payments to multiple recipients, or transaction listing, for example.

The WEXO app can be downloaded for free by Android and iOS smartphone users.