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Can I create more Wexo accounts?

Each person can own only one Wexo account.

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Does Wexo support margin trading?

The Wexo platform does not support margin trading.

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How do I proceed if I lose my 2FA verification option?

Please, don´t hesitate to contact support@wexopay.com.
Each case is handled individually.

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How does the verification (identity verification) work?

After registration and logging into your Wexo zone, we will ask you to verify your identity when creating a Wexo account according to approved legal standards.
The requirements file includes a scan of a valid identity document (e.g., EU citizen's national identity document, passport) and a document confirming your permanent residence address (e.g., electricity, gas invoice, bank statement, etc.).
It also includes filling in the other required verification form data.
If necessary, the verification department may ask you for additional verification.

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How long does it take to withdraw funds?

The selection of crypto assets is immediate or after the blockchain processing (rarely, the process may take longer).
Withdrawal in fiat currency (EUR, CZK) is processed within seven workdays.

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How secure is unauthorized access to my Wexo zone?

Level 1: You log in to the zone using login details that you have carefully and securely saved.
Level 2: The login system requires a 6-digit code that you received via e-mail, and only you have access to it. You must enter the code in the login window in your Wexo zone.
Level 3: In the settings of your Wexo account, you have the option to activate the -2FA- protection, which we recommend for even higher security.
In addition, about each change or movement on your Wexo account, you are automatically informed via e-mail and notifications in the Wexo mobile application.

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How to avoid a mistake when converting crypto assets?

Please always check the correctness of the crypto address to which you are sending your crypto assets.
Wexo will not obtain specific transaction data and cannot undo the transaction due to the anonymity of the blockchain.
Sending, e.g., BTC to ETH would cause irreversible loss of assets - they would be burned.
If you have entered all the details correctly and the transaction has still not been successful, please don't hesitate to contact support@wexopay.com.

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How to cancel 2FA?

Cancelling 2FA in Wexo is very simple, click on the "Edit" option in the account settings, under the 2FA section, and then turn off all enabled functions.
E-mail verification is an essential verification feature and, therefore, can't be turned off for the security of your account.

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How to make the first transaction?

To complete your first transaction, choose the one you want to work with from the menu of crypto accounts (card form, sideways scrolling).
Then select the "Send" or "Insert" button below the appropriate tab.
When sending, set the amount and enter the crypto address (set of letters and numbers) to which you want to send the entered amount.
When receiving - depositing the amount into your account, provide your generated crypto-address or QR code, in any way, to the sender (e.g., by e-mail, via social networks, etc.).
If you are together, you can transfer using the given QR code.

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How to register at Wexo?

By selecting the "Create account" button on the home page, fill in the required data and confirm with the "Register" button.
The system will automatically send a verification e-mail to your e-mail address.
By confirming the message, your registration in the Wexo zone is confirmed.