We tried the easiest way to buy beer with Bitcoin using the Wexo app

We tried the easiest way to buy beer with Bitcoin using the Wexo app

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With pleasure, we look back at the past weekend and the BTC Prague conference, where we were able to present ourselves as a silver partner. This event gave us a unique opportunity to introduce our services to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In addition to meeting prominent figures like Michael Saylor, we also had the honor to chat with many of you, members of our Wexo community.

This conference also gave us the opportunity to demonstrate in practice how Bitcoin Lightning works. Thanks to our Wexo app, we bought beer from a vending machine in a matter of seconds. This process was incredibly simple and fast, confirming the reliability and efficiency of our services.

Bitcoin Lightning is a technology that significantly improves Bitcoin's ability to process transactions quickly and efficiently. It reduces fees and allows almost instant transactions, making Bitcoin even more attractive to the general public. Using Bitcoin Lightning through the Wexo app is intuitive and fast, which we successfully demonstrated at the BTC Prague conference. It's another step towards wider adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in our everyday reality.

Nike NFTs paving the way to EA Sports games, attracting millions of fans

A significant step towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies is emerging in the gaming industry. Nike's Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform, .Swoosh, will soon be integrated into EA Sports games, opening up a new dimension of experiences for players. Nike has announced the inclusion of its "virtual goods," its own term for NFTs, into EA Sports games, but the specific games that will include these virtual products are not yet known.

Nike also expressed optimism about this collaboration. "This partnership will allow us to uncover several incredible new experiences for our .SWOOSH community and the huge fan base of EA SPORTS," said Ron Faris, General Manager of Nike Virtual Studios. Nike's NFTs are expected to be customizable add-ons that players can purchase and modify their in-game avatars.

Nike entered the metaverse world in December 2021, when it acquired the virtual sneakers and collectibles brand RTFKT and launched the virtual world Nikeland. Although .Swoosh uses similar tools and technologies as RTFKT and Nikeland, they are three separate projects.

BTC logo appeared on the building of the Czech National Bank

This weekend, Prague became the venue for one of the largest conferences of its kind in Europe, the BTC Prague conference. Not only did it bring together many enthusiasts and experts in the field of cryptocurrencies, but the city also witnessed an extraordinary visual spectacle. The Bitcoin (BTC) logo suddenly appeared on the building of the Czech National Bank. This phenomenon, which appeared a few weeks ago on the building of the European Central Bank, undoubtedly symbolized the growing popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

The projection of the Bitcoin logo on the bank's building during the BTC Prague conference can also be seen as a sign of increasing distrust towards the traditional banking system. In today's age, when economic instability is manifested in several areas, many are looking for alternatives. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly attractive option in this context.

The fact that the Eurozone officially entered recession, having reported two consecutive negative GDP values, only reinforces the significance of this gesture. Bitcoin is not just a technological novelty, but is becoming part of the search for solutions for current economic challenges. The event in Prague highlighted on one hand the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, while on the other hand reminding that the world of finance is constantly changing and evolving.