We have already received a total of 60,000 euros to help the physically disabled patients

We have already received a total of 60,000 euros to help the physically disabled patients

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In a short period of three months, since WEXO introduced the first NFT of the Slovak artist Majk Spirit, the NFT has found a new group of fans in Slovakia. Thanks to those who bought the famous rapper's NFT for 50 euros, they managed to raise 60,000 euros to help physically disabled patients. WEXO Digital Charity continues in 2022. You can still become the owner of a collection of two unique NFTs.

In three months, WEXO has sold almost a thousand non-fungible tokens with a portrait of Majk Spirit. The entire profit goes to the Association of Assistance to the Disabled in Piešťany, caring for more than 900 physically disabled patients.

"When we, together with Majk, launched the sale of Majk's first NFT collection in October, to obtain financial assistance for children with disabilities, we believed that people would be willing to help, even though it was a new concept in Slovakia - the NFT. And it was worth believing in it. Three months have passed, and physically disabled patients from APPA are already drawing money for active rehabilitation," said Peter Mariš, co-founder of the WEXO cryptocurrency platform.

The sale was launched in October together with an electronic auction of three pieces of NFT in a limited graphic design. The most valuable of them, the diamond, was sold for up to 7,777 euros. Thanks to the auctioned NFT, the project with a charitable intention had a quick start. And after a short time, it addressed the first star of Slovak sports, who decided to get involved.

NFT of Attila Végh as a bonus to the Majk Spirit´s NFT

Attila Végh, the famous martial arts champion, MMA wrestler and boxer, dedicated his first NFT to the digital charity and the WEXO Marketplace just before Christmas. Under the auspices of the airdrop campaign, the NFT Attila Végh, which by the way, is the absolute first NFT of a Slovak athlete, will be gained only to those who have bought or will still buy the NFT of Majk Spirit. The rapper, wrestler and WEXO, of course, do not claim any remuneration from this activity, and all the profits go to APPA (Association of Assistance to the Disabled).

Anyone who buys Majk Spirit's NFT will receive the NFT of Attila Végh, which creates a unique collection of the first Slovak NFTs, which will be owned only by those who have helped patients with disabilities. Owners will see their NFT in their cryptocurrency wallets and the free WEXO application.

You don't have to own cryptocurrencies to be able to help and get a unique NFT.

The purchase of NFT Majk Spirit is so simplistic and user-friendly that you only need a payment card or a PayPal account. You do not need to have cryptocurrencies or have previous experience with them.

The financial aid goes to children like Hugo. The smiling boy was born with an acute caesarean section. Hugo's parents learned that their child had hydrocephalus three days after birth. The hypotonia and development lagging behind peers occurred as well.

"Health insurance companies do not cover these intensive rehabilitations. However, Hugo needs them, not only once, but repeatedly, to make his development progress. For children with neurological disorders, rehabilitation and regular intensive exercise under the supervision of experts are an essential part of life. Only thanks to them can they progress in development. However, they must train regularly," described Hugo's health condition, the director of the APPA organization, Miriam Juhanesovičová.

The goal of the digital charity WEXO, which raises money for Hugo and other patients by selling the NFT, is to gain a six-figure sum. Help disabled patients on their way to a better life and become the owner of a unique NFT collection.