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New WEXO Loyalty program will replace the Affiliate

apr 25, 2022 | min read

An improved and more interesting WEXO Loyalty program will replace our Affiliate; you will get better advantages and benefits. Until May 1, take advantage of the last opportunity to receive bonus WEXO tokens within the Affiliate program.

The Affiliate terminates, and the WEXO Loyalty program will replace it

We appreciate that WEXO has found fans, supporters, and users from all over the world - more than 182,000 of you from more than 170 countries. We want to make using our cryptocurrency application simple and, at the same time, reward you for your loyalty - in an even more interesting way.

We are pleasantly surprised that the WEXO tokens (set aside for the Affiliate) were spent in such a short time, thanks to your great activity. We want to thank you very much. As this was a popular benefit among users, we decided to keep and improve the rewards and bonuses for the WEXO users.

Therefore, we are preparing a new WEXO Loyalty program, in which, based on your activity, you will receive better and more attractive benefits and rewards according to your current level. We will inform you about the launch in time. In the meantime, we are happy to share the information that invitations you have already made, or you will make, to your friends and acquaintances will be included in the new WEXO Loyalty program. We will publish more information soon.

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2022 is a year of innovations and improvements for WEXO

As we have already informed you, we are working intensively on listing our WEXO token on the crypto exchange, which is preceded by a lot of work and preparation consisting of several steps. For us at WEXO, 2022 is a year of bringing more news and innovations to our users.

We have recently informed you about the new tokenomics and prices of the WEXO token you can obtain before listing on the crypto exchange at a discounted price and the staking, vesting, and dividend pools of our WEXO token.

We are also preparing a new, improved, more user-friendly cryptocurrency application with a sophisticated design that will be a gateway to our entire WEXO ecosystem. It already includes a cryptocurrency exchange, NFT marketplace or cryptocurrency wallet. Moreover, the application allows a convenient and secure cryptocurrency purchase by a payment card.

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