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Attila Végh will have his own NFT, it will support the disabled patients

Attila Végh will have his own NFT, it will support the disabled patients

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The martial arts champion joins the largest digital charity, which was launched in October by the authors of the cryptocurrency platform WEXO in cooperation with rapper Majk Spirit. We have raised almost 50,000 euros in the first Majk Spirit´s NFT sale; all proceeds are intended for APPA (Association of the physically disabled) in Piešťany.

The non-profit organisation APPA is dedicated to physically disabled patients; their active rehabilitations and medical aids are paid from the obtained funds. The martial arts champion Attila Végh also decided to help these children. The boxer and the most successful Slovak MMA wrestler will have his own NFT. He accepted a challenge from Majk Spirit - the first Slovak artist with NFT - and will become the first Slovak athlete with NFT.

"As an athlete and an entrepreneur, I follow the happening around me, and I must admit that I was interested in the NFT. I said to myself, I must have it. I have already prepared the business concept of my first NFT with the team, but after looking at Majk's charitable NFT, we postponed our project for a while and fully cooperated with WEXO.

"We are intensively preparing an NFT airdrop, which can be reached only by those who have supported disabled patients by purchasing Majk's NFT. And my "big" NFT will come soon!" assured his fans, currently the most popular MMA wrestler in Slovakia.

Attila Végh's NFT supporting the digital charity will be introduced by December 24. The Majk Spirit's NFT and the Attila's NFT will be registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Everyone who buys the NFT of Majk Spirit will keep in helping the disabled patients.

"We are pleased that Attila Végh has decided to join the WEXO community and to help with us. Most patients are children with heart-breaking life stories. Therefore, we use in NFT the combination of art and blockchain technologies to raise funds supplying crucial rehabilitation. Without rehabilitation, children would not be able to progress on the way to a better life," said Peter Mariš, co-founder of the cryptocurrency platform WEXO.

WEXO enables the purchase of Majk Spirit's NFT even without the need for payment by cryptocurrencies, as is the case of most NFTs worldwide. A payment card is enough for those who want to help, and they can use an external payment gateway. Purchased NFT of Majk Spirit will be later in the WEXO virtual wallet and free app. Subsequently, Attila Végh's NFT will automatically join it. "On this occasion, we will use the Airdrop campaign; therefore, the only way to get the NFT of Attila Végh will be to support the physically disabled patients. Only those who helped will get it. Buyer will own two unique digital works, one by Majk Spirit and the other one by Attila Végh," explained the sales director of WEXO Juraj Farkaš.

The authors presented the Majk Spirit's NFT in October, and with its sale, they also launched an electronic auction for three NFTs of Majk Spirit in a limited version. The most valuable of them - diamond NFT - was sold for a symbolic 7,777 euros. There are still works from the NEW ERA series for sale for fifty euros per NFT. Approximately 10% of the NFT price (50 euros) represents the necessary costs for the payment gateway and blockchain registration. "I am incredibly pleased that the potential of our charitable NFT has found its place in such a harsh world as MMA and boxing can undoubtedly be. I am convinced that digital art and the effort to help others will go hand in hand and find their followers. I'm honestly curious about Attila's NFT. We'll see what the champion comes up with," said Majk Spirit.


We'll know it by Christmas.