Wexo application for Cryptocurrencies

Store your cryptocurrencies in your Wexo wallet. Wexo supports the best cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin and many others. With Wexo you can not only receive and pay with cryptomes but also simply buy cryptocurrencies. The Wexo Crypto Wallet will also show you the price and current exchange rate.

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Wexo wallet feature image Wexo wallet feature image Wexo wallet feature image Wexo wallet feature image

Main features of Wexo application

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Send, receive & secure store crypto

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Bult-in exchange

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Live charts

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Easy portfolio management

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Buy Bitcoin & top cryptocurrencies

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Security of face or fingerprint scanning

Safe storage of cryptocurrencies

Manage your cryptome portfolio in the Wexo mobile application or via the online dashboard wherever you are.

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Stable coins

Crypto coins
Wexo Token Icon Bitcoin Icon Ethereum Icon Cardano Icon Ripple Icon

Polkadot Icon Uniswap Icon Chainlink Icon Litecoin Icon Tron Icon

Stellar Icon Iota Icon Neo Icon Basic Attention Token Icon Solana Icon

Wexo supports these cryptocurrencies

Choose from supported cryptocurrencies you want to store, buy or sell. Wexo supports the best cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin to Ethereum or stable cryptomens. We are constantly updating the list of supported cryptocurrencies.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies purchase

Payment by card is secure and simple

You can quickly and easily purchase bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and many others via the Wexo cryptocurrency application. We also offer you the Wexo Token in the pre-sale phase at a better price.

Payment by card will make your purchase more convenient, and everyone can handle it. We are constantly expanding the list of supported cryptocurrencies. Let's try to buy cryptocurrencies. Pay by credit card quickly and easily in the Wexo cryptocurrency application.

Wexo Bitcoin & Crypto Wallet

Secure, manage, and exchange your cryptocurrency with the mobile security of face or fingerprint scanning.

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Sending, receiving and paying by cryptocurrencies

Make payments easily, quickly and simply. Receive, send or pay with crypto securely with the Wexo cryptocurrency application.

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Sending cryptocurrencies to a telephone number

In the Wexo cryptocurrency application, a quick and easy purchase of cryptocurrencies will soon be added.

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Currency exchange and trading

Trade cryptocurrencies and swap them with each other quickly and easily. Try trading cryptocurrencies through the Wexo app.

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Graph and rate of cryptocurrency

Wexo brings you clear graphs and an overview of the development of the market price of cryptocurrencies for the selected period.

New World of Crypto

Enter to the Wexo ecosystem from the comfort of your mobile crypto wallet app

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Fiat zone

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Wexo Token

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