Your new method of payment

Shop and use cryptocurrencies with Wexo in a fast and secure way. Whenever, wherever and however.

Why Wexo

No hidden fees

We will charge low and transparent fees for the provision of all services related to financial transactions.

Worldwide use

Sending common currencies and cryptocurrencies will be possible without borders and payments by a Wexo card will be possible almost anywhere in the world.

Immediate change

Exchanging funds in various cryptocurrencies and common currencies will be quick and easy, using the best exchange rates.

the new app

Simple payments

  • You will have all payments in one place.
  • Sending cryptocurrencies to cryptocurrency addresses.
  • You will be able to send common currencies to bank accounts anywhere in the world.


We will provide you with the option to mutually exchanged selected cryptocurrencies and common currencies

  • Common currencies: EUR, USD, CZK
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH

Payment card for everyone

The Wexo card will work as a regular payment card with one difference. You can also use cryptocurrencies to pay.

  • Global card use
  • No payment limits
  • Cryptocurrencies & Common currencies
  • Best exchange rates and low fees


Identity verification

We will verify your identity in accordance with legal regulations pertaining to the measures for the prevention of legalization of criminal proceeds and financing of terrorism.

Secure client authentication

The security used when accessing an account complies with the security standards established under the legislation of the European Union (EBA RTS).


You will be notified of every transaction or change in your account via email or via a notification in the Wexo mobile application.

Wexo Token

Take your profit from start-up WEXO through investment to growth of WEXO token that can be ordered pre-sale.