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Golden NFT of Majk Spirit auctioned for 2,549 euros in aid of charity

nov 22, 2021 | min read

At the beginning of October, the cryptocurrency platform WEXO presented with Majk Spirit an innovative way to help people in need. The project of the well-known Slovak performer Majk Spirit and technological developers from WEXO takes the form of an NFT (non-fungible token) on the Cardano blockchain. It is a graphic work with a portrait of Majk Spirit, published in 5,000 pieces. A limited NFT version - diamond, gold, and silver - was intended for an electronic auction. The rest from the CREW NFT series is sold for 50 euros per NFT. All proceeds from the auction and sale are intended for APPA.
Tonight, the 2nd auction of limited NFTs ended. An unknown owner acquired the golden NFT for 2,549 euros. At the same time, we have launched an electronic auction of the last unique SILVER NFT, and it will last till Sunday´s midnight. The most valuable NFT, the diamond one, managed to auction for 7,777 euros.
Everyone can participate in the last electronic auction for the limited SILVER NFT of Majk Spirit and buy an NFT from the CREW series for 50 euros. The purchase of Majk Spirit´s NFT is possible in a simplified version through commonly used secure purchase methods.

This charity project is very successful and has already obtained more than 40,500 euros for disabled patients.

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