Wexo application for cryptorcurrency

Wexo supports the best cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin and many more. Wexo allows you to receive and pay with cryptocurrencies and buy cryptocurrencies easily. The Wexo cryptocurrency wallet will also present the price and currency exchange rate.

Main features of the Wexo application

  • Supports the best cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrencies current market price
  • Displays a clear graph and exchange rate
  • Allows fast cryptocurrencies payments
  • Trading with cryptocurrencies
  • Purchasing of cryptocurrencies (coming soon)

Safe storage of cryptocurrencies

Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio in the Wexo mobile application or via the online dashboard, wherever you are.

Wexo supports all these cryptocurrencies

Choose from supported cryptocurrencies you want to store, buy, or sell. Wexo supports the best cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin to Ethereum or stable cryptocurrencies. We are constantly updating the list of supported cryptocurrencies.

Sending, receiving, and paying by cryptocurrencies

Make payments easily, quickly, and smoothly. Receive, send, or pay by cryptocurrencies securely with the Wexo cryptocurrency application.


With the Wexo cryptocurrency application, you can trade cryptocurrencies and swap them quickly and easily. Try trading cryptocurrencies through the Wexo mobile app or our online interface.

Graph and cryptocurrencies rate

The Wexo application for cryptocurrencies gives you an overview of the current market state. View detailed graphs and the development of the cryptocurrency market price for the selected period in the Wexo application or online dashboard.

Cryptocurrencies purchase

You can quickly and easily purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others via the WEXO cryptocurrency application. We also offer you the Wexo Token in the pre-sale phase at a better price.

Cryptocurrencies trezoring with reward

If you plan a long-term investment, lock your cryptocurrencies, and earn interest with our trezoring. You can lock bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin for one year with 2 % interest or two years with 6 % interest

Download the Wexo application for cryptocurrencies

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Crypto trade

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