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WEXO and Majk Spirit presented a project of the most prominent digital charity - the first NFT of Majk Spirit

oct 7, 2021 | min read

Majk Spirit and the authors of the cryptocurrency platform WEXO, which clients from 57 countries already use services, have introduced a new way of using the latest technologies to help people in need. Today, representatives of the platform WEXO presented the first NFT of Majk Spirit in Bratislava due to the cooperation of a well-known Slovak artist and technological developers. Unlike other NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the goal of this extraordinary graphic work is not a business site but a charity.

NFT is a new art form, allowing artists to monetise their works. "It gives new opportunities, and we have decided to take it even further and introduce the NFTs to people as a tool allowing us to help others," rapper Majk Spirit described the new project.

The first NFT of Majk Spirit is a graphic representation of rapper, and its unveiling took place in the presence of journalists, selected influencers, and YouTubers from the cryptocurrency community. There will be 5,000 pieces of NFT. The authors of the idea decided to put the first three in a unique graphic design - diamond, gold, and silver - into an online auction. The rest are for sale. Anyone participating in this charity campaign, whether in the form of an auction or a direct purchase, will become an owner of one of the 5,000 pieces of the first Majk Spirit's NFT.

Milan Božik, CEO of WEXO, completes the idea of the most recognised digital charity: "Not only everyone acquires the original digital asset, issued in a limited number, but the idea of help will also remain. It is the first digital charity event in Slovakia using the NFT."

The first NFT of Majk Spirit will be available from October 10, 2021, at

On Sunday, October 10, WEXO will launch an electronic auction of the first three pieces of Majk Spirits´s NFT in a limited design. Simultaneously with the auction, WEXO will release the remaining 4,997 pieces of Majk Spirit´s NFT for sale; the price will be 50 euros per NFT.

Approximately 10% of this amount is accounted for the payment transaction fees (PayPal) and NFT minting on the Cardano blockchain. (minting - conversion of the work into a digital form).
The authors of the idea decided to donate the entire proceeds (the remaining funds obtained from the auction and sale of the first NFT of Majk Spirit) to the Association of the physically disabled APPA in Piešťany. APPA is a specialistic workplace caring for people with disabilities and providing them with comprehensive assistance at a professional level.

"We will provide all funds (after deducting the necessary fees) to the patients of the Association of the physically disabled and their families. Their life stories are powerful, and we aim to help them and to introduce a new way of providing help to the broad public," says Peter Mariš, CSO of WEXO. The most extensive digital charity of Majk Spirit's NFT intends to collect 250,000 euros this way and thus start a new era of NFT use.

"Families with a physically disabled child or adult need many things that the healthy ones do not have any idea about: regular rehabilitation stays, special therapies, medical aids, barrier-free housing, specially adapted cars. Together, we will help them, through the funds raised, to ensure a better and happier life," explained Miriam Juhanesovičová, a chairman of the civic association.

Buying an NFT will be simple, based on the principles we commonly use in e-shops. However, against the background of a seemingly simple process, blockchain technology's modern transparency is hidden. The first NFT of Majk Spirit is registered on the Cardano blockchain.

"The new owner of the Majk Spirit's NFT will see the work in the account's gallery on the WEXO platform. The ownership thus becomes provable in the Cardano's blockchain records - at or, where every transaction is recorded," explained Juraj Farkaš, the sales director of the WEXO platform.