The very first SMS has been auctioned in Paris as an NFT. Deutsche Telekom will work with the fourth blockchain

jan 10, 2022 | min read

The very first SMS, which was sent on December 3, 1992, has been auctioned in Paris as an NFT for EUR 107,000. An SMS with the message "Merry Christmas" has been auctioned by British company Vodaphone

An SMS with the message "Merry Christmas" was sent by British programmer Neil Papworth from his computer on December 3, 1992 to Richard Jarvis, then director of the British telco Vodafone.

Jarvis received the message on his Orbitel 901 mobile phone during the company's Christmas event.

The auction house announced that the NFT is a replica of the original communication protocol that transmitted the SMS. The anonymous buyer who paid using the Ether cryptocurrency, will also receive a digital frame with a 3D animation of the received message.


Deutsche Telekom will work with the fourth blockchain: T-Systems will provide infrastructure to users who invest in Polkadot and have also purchased a sizeable amount of cryptocurrency.

Europe's largest telco is starting to use the interoperable Polkadot blockchain framework. The Deutsche Telekom AG Group also purchased a significant amount of the native DOT token.

And through subsidiary T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS), the telco giant will become a validator for Polkadot. Deutsche Telekom has participated in the blockchain market before.

Deutsche Telekom also supports infrastructure for proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms at the Oracle Chainlink service provider. In addition, Deutsche Telekom has partnered with DeFi Celo's mobile network and flow blockchain from Dapper Labs.


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Seven NFL players were paid in cryptocurrency in 2021. They took advantage of Bitcoin's increased profitability.

In 2021, at least seven professional NFL players were paid or rewarded in cryptocurrencies. To improve profit and set enough aside for the end of their playing careers, they transferred cash into cryptocurrencies or received part of their pay directly in Bitcoin. (3)

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