About us

Our faith in fintech innovations inspires us. We are a young and dynamic team who love innovating and are committed to continual improvement.

The idea of our Wexo product began in Slovakia, in a royal city proud to once have been one of the centers of the Great Moravian Empire and the seat to Duke Pribina, whose dominant feature can be seen from afar: Nitra Castle. Nitra is a city with innovative people and ideas.

Meet our team

Branko Baník
Chief Executive Officer
Tomáš Krivda
Chief Technology Officer
Milan Božik
Chief Visionary Officer
Peter Mariš
Chief Sales Officer
Martin Vach
Chief Operation Officer
Juraj Farkaš
Sales Director
Juraj Kisela
Sales Director
René Krausz
Token Specialist
Marcel Falat
Blockchain Specialist
Samuel Hromják
Expansion Specialist
Tomáš Jacko
Marketing Manager
Matúš Božik
Junior Marketing Assistant
Martin Kuchár
Marketing Specialist
Marián Homér
PR Manager
Simona Micháliková
Ux Ui Designer
Tomáš Doležal
Graphic Designer
Marián Smolka
Graphic Designer
Juraj Lipták
Technical Support
Matej Mozola
Support Manager

Road map




The first NFT in Central Europe created on the Cardano blockchain.



Wexo token

The beginning of the first pre-sale stage of Wexo token and activation of Cardano blockchain wallets.



App launch

The first version of Wexo mobile app for iOS and Android.



Wexo for public

Disclosure of registrations to Web platform and the first crypto wallets for public.



Trademark Wexo

Official creation of Wexo brand.