Bounty Program

For more information read General terms and conditions for Wexo Bounty program.

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1. Affiliate program

Reward: 10 + 10 Wexo Tokens

Have friends you think would like to use Wexo? Through your Wexo app, you can link them directly to your registration link. After downloading their own Wexo wallet, registering, and successfully completing the verification process, you and each of your registered users will automatically receive 10 Wexo Tokens. But if your recommended user verifies the account before assigning an Affiliate code, you’ll miss out on a registration reward.


  • Copy your registration link or code and send to your friends.

What should your friends do?

  • Register
  • If you sent an affiliate code, he/she must paste this code into his/her profile in the Affiliate section.
  • Verify account.
  • Install Wexo app and log in.

2. #mywexo

Prize: 100 Wexo Tokens every week.

Active on social networks and enjoy challenges? Then you'll love the #mywexo challenge! Test your creativity in the new weekly challenge announced in the Telegram Group. Just come up with the best and most original post about you and Wexo - such as a picture with the Wexo mobile wallet, Wexo brochure, etc. Whatever you snap, be sure to tag our Wexo account on Instagram and Twitter - and you'll be entered into a draw to win up to 100 Wexo Tokens.


  • Take a super-original Wexo-themed photo.
  • Upload to your Instagram or Twitter social profile.
  • Tag our Wexo profile with #mywexo.
  • A winner will be announced every week (we reserve the right not to select a winner if no participants meet the required criteria).

3. Quiz

1st: 100 Wexo Tokens
2nd: 75 Wexo Tokens
3rd: 50 Wexo Tokens

Know about cryptocurrencies or keen to learn more? Then check out our Wexo quiz, which will be announced in the Wexo Telegram Group with a pre-announced start. The quiz will take place via a special link that will be published in due course. After the quiz, the three winners will be announced.


  • Follow our Wexo social networks where we will announce the quiz's timing.
  • Get valuable insights into the cryptocurrency world.
  • For more info, watch the Wexo Announcements/Community telegram channel.
  • Answer correctly and asap.
  • Winners will be announced straight after the quiz.

4. Secret Challenge

Prize: 500 Wexo Tokens.

The #Secret Bounty prize is different every month. Its wording will not be announced in advance, but retroactively, i.e. for the previous month, together with the winner. Any task related to your online activity and Wexo social networks can be the subject of this challenge. Get ready and enjoy the first Secret Bounty Wexo Challenge.

5. Every Voice Counts

Prize: 5 Wexo Tokens.

The BOUNTY programme also includes a reward for Wexo users that share their positive Wexo app experiences in the Google Play Store/Apple App Store or on Wexo social networks (Google My Company, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). To receive the reward, you must meet the conditions listed at this link.

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6. Golden Ideas

Prize: To be announced soon.

Golden Ideas is a reward just for you, Wexo users, who contact us with suggestions to improve the platform and certain activities. Email your suggestions any time - our team will reward the best and most beneficial for the Wexo project.