Bitcoin will exceed USD 100K - according to Goldman Sachs. Eminem has bought NFT

jan 14, 2022 | min read

Bitcoin overtakes gold in storing value. Cryptocurrencies are a trending theme on Reddit. Eminem bought an NFT that looks like him.

Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin will exceed USD 100,000 as it outperforms gold in storing value

Goldman Sachs analysts predict that Bitcoin has a good chance of reaching USD 100,000 by taking some of gold's market share as a store of value.

Although Bitcoin (BTC) has failed to close 2021 above the long-awaited USD 100,000 level, experts believe that this horizon is still achievable.

In a note issued to investors, Goldman Sachs states that if the largest cryptocurrency outperforms over the next five years 50% share on the value storage market, the BTC price would squeeze past USD 100,000. (1)

Eminem bought a self-like NFT for USD 450,000

With growing interest in NFT and the metaverse, more celebrities - including Eminem - are entering the virtual space. The rapper recently bought the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT digital artwork for 123.45 Ethereum, which is approximately USD 450,000.

The "EminApe" graphic depicts a distinctive Bored Ape figure wearing a khaki military cap and the gold chain necklace that Eminem often actually wears. The artwork now comprises Eminem's Twitter profile picture. (2)

eminem nft.webp

Cryptocurrencies were the most popular topic on Reddit in 2021. The word "crypto" has been used up to 6.6 million times

Reddit hosted numerous chats in 2021, but one topic stood out: cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies were the most followed topic in 2021 on Reddit - beating games, sports and weddings.

In 2021, people mentioned the word "crypto" on Reddit 6.6 million times. It is based on Reddit Recap 2021 statistics, which summarize the most popular posts, topics and conversations on this platform over the last year.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Reddit users were more interested in Dogecoin than Bitcoin. The top five most-watched crypto subreddits were r/dogecoin, r/superstonk, r/kryptomena, r/amcstock and r/bitcoin. (3)


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